The Somtex mattress guarantees a good night’s rest and a healthier life

February 22, 2017

This short, informational article offers encouragement to sleepless readers tonight. These are the readers who for a variety of reasons are finding it difficult to enjoy what is known to others as a good night’s rest. What such a blissful night also offers others and is seemingly not possible for these hapless insomniacs is a healthier life. Overall good health is achieved through numerous practical methods. One of the most important methodologies towards achieving all round good health and wellness is the full quota of no less than six to eight hours sleep a night. 

Somtex mattress

While a stressful life and the day’s worries are often blamed for not being able to at least sleep properly at night, what is often overlooked is the bed that is slept in. it should be equated to wearing an orthopedically sound pair of shoes, comfortable for walking in and good for the back’s posture. The Somtex mattress guarantees all those in possession of it a good night’s rest and a healthier life. And here, essentially, is how.

The clinical and scientific design, development and manufacture of the mattress, as well as the Somtex pillow, yet another often overlooked sleep essential, is influenced by the biomechanics of the human body and the achievement of what is known as sleep ergonomics. This latter definition can be equated with the essential ergonomical design of the modern office or desk chair. As surprising as this may seem to sleepless readers, the mattress is necessarily a firm one.

Its base is sturdy. Its middle layer responds to the contours and movements of the human body. And the mattress is covered with a cushioned skin. The mattress is engineered from multi-composition memory foam.